Sample planning model

Sample Planning Model

Although an organization’s plan should be designed to meet its specific needs, all processes have similar steps. These steps are:

  • Get organized: assess whether you are ready
    • Put together a plan for your process
    • Get the commitment of board, staff and other key players
    • Form a planning committee or designate some one or a group to oversee the effort
  • Take stock: examine your current realities
    • Look at where the organization is currently, both internally and externally.SWOT analysis is one commonly used technique, which allows the organization to identify internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external forces (opportunities and threats) and provides insight into factors that influence the organization and its future decision-making. Click here for an easy to follow guide for completing a SWOT analysis.
    • Methods for doing this assessment might include: surveying, interviews, written assessments, historical data, focus group meetings, research, competitive analysis, white papers, outside experts, talking with other arts organizations
  • Dream and debate: articulate mission and vision
    • Often groups have a retreat to dedicate the time to this
  • Develop the plan: identify specific goals, objectives and strategies
    • This step allows you to move from intensions to specific ways you can achieve your objectives and identify the knowledge, tools and resources needed to advance your efforts
  • Draft and approve the plan
    • Ultimately the board of directors need to formally adopt the written document